Geology Fieldtrips
Indonesia Volcanoes 2005

A month of stalking active volcanoes in Indonesia in 2005 was, well, a blast! The trip was led by VolcanoDiscovery and featured North Sulawesi, Java, and Krakatoa.

Mongolia Geotrip 2004

A Mongolia Geotrip sponsored by the Geological Society of America in 2004 introduced us to the spectacular steppes, mountains, and lakes of Mongolia. The rivers still run free and, to the envy of those in the Alps, edelweiss grows like weeds.

Tours in Europe
Tour of the Alps 2003

The three-week Tour of the Alps 2003 with Jobst Brandt traced a giant figure-eight through the Alps, starting in Switzerland and looping through the French Alps, the Dolomites, and Austrian Alps.

Tour of the Alps 2002

This two-week Tour of the Alps 2002 started in Milan, headed south to the Maritime Alps, and then turned north, climbing the cols of the French Alps made famous in the Tour de France. Heading east, it made a loop through the Swiss Alps before returning to the Italian Lake District.

Rides and Tours in California
Olmsted Point, Yosemite

The Heart of the Sierra is a heart of stone -- steely granitic rocks basted with colorful volcanics. This heart-shaped three-day tour has an apex in Sonora and covers some of the highest and most scenic of the Sierra passes.

Sonora Pass 26% sign

Sonora Pass is one of the most formidable and spectacular passes in the Sierra. But the debate rages among bicyclists: Which side of the pass is the most difficult to climb? A two-day ride will answer the question.

Snow on Sherman Pass

Sherman Pass was still closed due to snow when we rode it in May 2004. Even the snowmobile signs were still up. Would we make it over the pass and get back before dark?

Inferno 2004

The Inferno is back by popular demand! Six intrepid riders take up the challenge of 155 miles and over 15,000 ft of climbing to answer the burning question: Is Hell a cauldron or an ice cave?

Ubehebe crater

A Death Valley Christmas provides a welcome winter escape, but desert weather can be most unpredictable this time of year. Will Death Valley get a white Christmas, other than from the salt flats?

Riders from Badwater

The Inferno is a breath-taking ride in Death Valley, covering 200 miles and three major summits in two days. But what happens when it coincides with the Death Valley 49'ers annual Encampment?!

Ratbay 2000

Randonee Around the Bay is a spectacular route around San Fransciso Bay highlighted by climbs of the three major peaks, Mt Diablo, Mt Tamalpais, and Mt Hamilton. The inaugural edition covered 550 miles in three days as a self-supported tour, and it remains the most difficult bike ride I've ever done.